Sophisticated Representation In High-Asset Divorce Cases

When people talk about “high-asset” divorce, they usually think it just involves “more money.” While that might be true to an extent, the truth is that high-asset divorces bring numerous complications that are never faced in other divorce situations. Division of multiple real properties, investment interests, business ownership interests and diversified portfolios can all come into play during a high-asset divorce.

When facing a high-asset divorce, you need an attorney with experience, knowledge of these complex financial matters, professionalism and discretion. Attorney Matthew Kaplan of Matthew Kaplan & Associates, LLC., has been practicing family law in Lake County, Illinois, for more than 40 years. At that time, the firm has helped countless clients through the challenges of high-asset divorce.

Matthew Kaplan & Associates, LLC., is a trusted name for high-asset divorce in Lake County, Illinois.

Handling A Range Of Complex Issues

At Matthew Kaplan & Associates, LLC., our lawyers represent clients in a range of complex asset-division matters, including:

  • Division of business ownership interests and professional practices
  • Valuation of jewelry, art, vehicles and other valuable assets
  • Division of stocks, retirement accounts, savings accounts and other investments
  • Recovery of hidden assets
  • Division of multiple real properties, including international properties
  • Spousal support and child support, both of which become much more complicated in a high-asset divorce situation

The Resources You Need

One of the most important resources for a successful high-asset divorce is experience. At Matthew Kaplan & Associates, LLC., our lawyers have seen it all, so we know how to spot potential costly pitfalls or errors in the process. We also work with outside support when needed for accurate valuation of complex property and investments.

At Matthew Kaplan & Associates, LLC., we are meticulous in accounting for every detail and potentiality so there will be no surprises in your divorce. We will work with you throughout the process to make sure you are well-informed of everything happening and to make sure you have the information and counsel you need to make critical decisions throughout your case.

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