Your Relationship With Your Children

In a divorce between two parents, there is nothing more important than protecting your time with your children. Also, depending on your circumstances, you might feel that your spouse is not a good parent, and you might want to minimize that person’s time with the children. Whatever your interests, our lawyers will fight for you and your children.

At Matthew Kaplan & Associates, LLC., we understand the laws and procedures around child custody and visitation. Since 1981, we have been helping Lake County, Illinois, clients in a range of divorce-related matters, including parenting plans and visitation litigation. We can work with you to establish a strong plan and make sure your relationship with your children is protected.

Parenting Plans

In most cases, a parenting plan is the preferred alternative to a custody and visitation order. A parenting plan can be created by the two parents and their attorneys, outside of the courtroom, which allows for a more peaceful process and gives you more control over the outcome. Through mediation, we can work to come up with a plan that aligns all the details to your goals.

When a parenting plan cannot be worked out away from the courtroom, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to fight your cause aggressively and effectively in litigation.

Parental Fitness

In some cases, one spouse might have reason to believe the other would not be a good parent. In these cases, it is possible to petition the court to rule that the negligent parent is unfit, limiting their access to their child. These are complicated, often contentious proceedings. Whether you are trying to have your ex-spouse declared unfit as a parent or trying to protect your rights against such a ruling, our attorneys will fight for you.

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