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Libertyville Divorce and Business Valuation Lawyer

Divorce and Business Valuation

If you own part or all of a business, resolving the property distribution aspect of a divorce can become much more complicated. Who gets the business? What about the income the business has generated, and the equity in the business? Will your divorce cause a disruption in the day-to-day activities of your company?

These are some important questions that beg careful consideration. At the Libertyville, Illinois family law firm of Matthew Kaplan, we have helped many entrepreneurs, business owners, and their spouses reach agreements in matters regarding the business interests involved in their divorces. Whenever possible, we try to reach agreements that not only work for both parties, but are also beneficial to the business involved.

Though we prefer negotiation to litigation, if called upon we are ready, willing, and extremely capable of fighting to protect your interests in court. Our attorneys have more than thirty years of combined experience in family law and have worked with business owners and entrepreneurs with annual incomes ranging from $70K to more than $3 million dollars.

Contact our Lake County divorce and business valuation attorneys today to put our knowledge and experience to work for you. We will help protect what is yours.

When needed, we work with outside experts in business valuation in order to provide accurate analysis of all aspects of the business involved. We can provide smart advice and effective representation with:

  • business valuation
  • preventing disruption and maintaining the continuity of your business, especially if both spouses are involved
  • protecting the good will you have established with customers
  • distinguishing between martial and non-marital property
  • protecting your non-marital assets
  • ensuring there is equity in the business
  • helping to ensure that spousal maintenance and child support are consistent with the lifestyle you lead prior to your divorce

Contact us today for a free, half-hour in-office consultation regarding your business and divorce proceedings. During this meeting, we’ll listen intently to your story, encourage questions, explore your needs, and provide you with a rough estimate of the time trouble that may be required to achieve your goals. Whether you are the business owner, or the spouse of a business owner, you have probably made great sacrifices and worked hard to get where you are. We’ll help make sure your business survives what your marriage could not.