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A Guide to Child Support in Illinois

When parents divorce or unmarried parents separate in the State of Illinois, the issue of child support is almost always inevitable. Unfortunately for many people, the matter of child support is uncharted territory and questions about what to expect are common. Since one of the most critical factors in any parental divorce or separation is the welfare of the children involved, understanding the … [Read more...]

Is An Amicable Divorce Possible for You

Divorce is an emotionally challenging event that affects nearly half of all married couples during their lifetimes. In fact, the CDC reports that the divorce rate has remained relatively consistent for the past few decades, at around 50 percent. What has not remained the same, however, is the way couples divorce. In the past, it was generally believed that once a married couple got to the point … [Read more...]

Untying the Ties that Bind: Irreconsilable Differences

Individuals who have previously experienced the divorce process in Illinois will likely confirm that it can become complex, sometimes taking months or even years of litigation resulting in extreme tension and stress, hostility, and mountainous legal fees. Recently, however, the State of Illinois made changes to the laws regarding divorce that are intended to reduce the time divorcing couples spend … [Read more...]

Ten Ways to Make Divorce Easier

Divorcing couples who want to save money on a divorce could:  Try a do-it-yourself divorce. The up-front cost of a do it yourself divorce can be as low as $500. However, this option is appropriate only in the simplest cases. If couples have been together a short time, have very few shared assets, no children, have patience and can work together, this can be a viable option. They also need to … [Read more...]

2016 Ushers In New Guidelines For Child Custody

The beginning of 2016 brought some changes to Illinois divorce law, including the extension of the waiting period for a divorce and elimination of all but irreconcilable differences as grounds for divorce. Among the most substantive changes were alterations to child custody law. Three new rules are of particular importance for parents. … [Read more...]

How Does Domestic Violence Impact Child Custody Cases?

Domestic violence is not uncommon in the United States. In fact, an estimated three million children witness acts of domestic violence each year, and between 25 percent and 50 percent of all disputed custody cases involve domestic abuse. According to research, somewhere between 30 percent and 60 percent of children who live in homes where domestic violence occurs are physically or sexually abused … [Read more...]

Enforcing Child Support in Illinois

According to information provided by the United States Census Bureau, an estimated 14.7 million parents in the United States have custody of approximately 23.4 million children. An astounding 28.1 percent of children live with one parent while the other parent resides someplace else. Sadly, while 31.8 percent of mothers and 16.2 percent of fathers with residential parenting time live below the … [Read more...]

Dads are Getting Their Day in Court with Parenting Time

Throughout history, many people have fallen under the misconception that when parents separate or divorce, mothers almost always get the majority of parenting time with the children and they typically reside with her most of the time. In fact, one recent study revealed that, while individuals are generally in favor of shared parenting time, formerly referred to as joint custody, many believe that … [Read more...]

What happens during a child custody evaluation?

When a couple in Illinois is going through a divorce, a parent wants to remove a child from the state, or a parent is seeking visitation, a custody dispute may find its way into the courtroom. State law gives the judge the right to order an evaluation, which is essentially a formal investigation that examines the situation and looks at each parent as well as what is in the child’s best … [Read more...]

Equitable distribution in Illinois does not mean an equal split

A couple going through divorce proceedings in Illinois usually has many tough choices to make, but often the greatest cause of controversy comes as a result of the division of property. Many people assume that everything divorcing couples own will be split right down the middle, but that is not always the case in Illinois. As one of 41 states in the nation that use equitable distribution for … [Read more...]