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Archives for February 2016

Untying the Ties that Bind: Irreconsilable Differences

Individuals who have previously experienced the divorce process in Illinois will likely confirm that it can become complex, sometimes taking months or even years of litigation resulting in extreme tension and stress, hostility, and mountainous legal fees. Recently, however, the State of Illinois made changes to the laws regarding divorce that are intended to reduce the time divorcing couples spend … [Read more...]

Ten Ways to Make Divorce Easier

Divorcing couples who want to save money on a divorce could:  Try a do-it-yourself divorce. The up-front cost of a do it yourself divorce can be as low as $500. However, this option is appropriate only in the simplest cases. If couples have been together a short time, have very few shared assets, no children, have patience and can work together, this can be a viable option. They also need to … [Read more...]